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I’m the kind that needs to have a reason behind doing something. Of course, I believe that everyone is like me, which is why I have to explain the reasons why you should be interested in my thoughts on blogging. I’ve been blogging for long enough, I believe I am as an “experienced blogger.” It’s been around 18 months, not as long as other experienced bloggers, but certainly enough to get a solid understanding of the basics of blogging. I’ve spent the last 18 months not writing sloppy, insignificant notes and scribbles to fill in pages however, with intense focus and thoughtfully planned posts. At times, I was struggling with these posts. The mistakes I’ve made since the time I started blogging could fill a book and the experience itself is invaluable, particularly for those who don’t wish to repeat the mistakes I made.

I’m no anymore an “newbie.” I’ve had the same experience. In the second, if you’re new to blogging, or are considering beginning your own blog, this article will provide you with a kind of a realistic look at the most popular platform for personal expression , allowing you to determine early what you’d like to achieve or if you are really interested in becoming active in blogging. Even veteran bloggers can be interested in having the opportunity to compare their experience with my own and use it to gauge the level of improvement they’ve accomplished or what they would like to accomplish. Now that you’ve been paying focus, let’s have an enjoyable discussion regarding blogging and the “blogging experiences.”

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I’ve never considered myself as an “blogger.” I had no intention to become involved in blogging. I believed that this was only meant for people who have no social lives, or with no other interests or people who have a lot of free time or who were socially marginalized, misanthropic, agoraphobic or perhaps even lycanthropic (people who believe they are or could be, werewolves). I didn’t want any of that. There may bloggers that fall into these categories however, there are certain teachers and politicians, as well as professional people and even neighbors who could fit into one of these categories, too. This doesn’t mean that teaching or politics, careers, professions, or other activities dominated by antisocial people aren’t worth it. This is why I decided to try blogging. I was intrigued by Internet business and I enjoyed writing, so blogging seemed like the perfect choice for me at the time I had.

I’ve since discovered that blogging is very popular and interesting because of the variety of types of people are using blogs. In addition to the antisocial ones There are also very social and friendly types, and anyone can create profitable blogs. It’s a true populist art form, which implies that it is so diverse in the kinds of blogs that it is an “content-rich” source of creativity. There are some bad blogs, but they are not all bad. There are some truly excellent blogs. There’s everything between. Blogging is available to anyone for both creation and also to read.

When I reflect on the things I’ve learned from blogging, I first think about the commitment that one takes when they become a blogger. It isn’t like creating a paper at school, where you write a single paper and finish it. It’s more similar to being a reporter for a newspaper but with deadlines that you set yourself. If you start an online blog and people find it, you are under an obligation to the public to maintain your blog until such time as you decide to close it and take it off the market. Of course , you don’t need to oversee your blog, however, if you take care of it and pay the proper attention to your blog, you’ll succeed in arts, sports or any other activity that requires the use of effort and skills.

This is the second lesson I’ve learned: the more effort that a blogger puts into and the more serious he or she is in creating relevant content and updating the blog using widgets and applications. To improve the features to make it easier for readers, the more effective the blog will be as shown by the positive feedback and increased traffic. It’s not that difficult to blog however, it requires some effort, and sometimes a lot of it. It also takes time As you gain experience, writing blog posts and managing the other tasks of running the blog (such responding to commenters, eliminating spam messages and incorporating advertisements) is less difficult and time-consuming, however some time is required doing these tasks.

Another thing I learned is that blogging can be fun. If you love writing and making things, coming up with new ideas and educating yourself to be more attentive to think of new perspectives and unique methods of analyzing a topic You will surely enjoy your blogging journey. You’ll have fun.

Are there any particular persona that is suitable for blogging? I was looking through comments on a blog recently where a blogger stated that she believed someone who is extroverts would be at home with the demands of blogging due to the social aspect that is inherent in this Internet artwork. She believed that an extrovert “people- person” will be more responsive to readers than those who are less social and would be more comfortable dealing with visitors, similar to how maybe a retail store owner would feel when dealing with customers at the physical store. I agree with her view, but it’s not the entire story. Blogs are a public platform that will attract (hopefully) hundreds of visitors will come to your blog. I believe it helps make the experience more enjoyable if you are a fan of people and like to interact with them in the same way that many popular bloggers communicate with readers.

However, blogging is quite different from simply sending emails or engaging in social interaction in a physical environment: it’s online socializing which means that even though the individuals are real but you aren’t able to see them. It is quite different between having 15,000 or 500,000 people attending an event where you’re on stage to greetthem, inform, entertain and answer their questions, and the same amount of people visiting your blog, when you could easily engage in the same way when you are sitting in your pajamas with a cup of coffee , or whatever is you’re holding in your hands. An extrovert can handle the first scenario and enjoy it without slipping into an embarrassment puddle due to stage fright. A shy or shy person would certainly avoid this type of social interactions and would avoid this at all cost.

The nature of blogging as a virtual activity lets introverts and extroverts and all types of personalities to handle the social aspects of blogging without causing discomfort. There are creative, intelligent thinkers from all types of personalities who are able to manage blogs and their social aspect. One important aspect I’d like to say: I believe it is crucial that bloggers like people regardless of whether they don’t like to be surrounded by crowds. The reason I make this statement is that I believe the persona of a blogger is reflected in their writing style , as well as the choice of words and subject matter. Your writing style will tell readers about your character and whether you’re an amiable, civil type in your life or an angry, snarky or misanthropist. This doesn’t mean that even if you’re not a pleasant person your blog won’t be read. Blogs are a great way to connect with like-minded individuals, but generally speaking, people react more positivly to people who are positive. The suggestion I would recommend, particularly in the event that you don’t yet have a blog , but are considering it to start one is: “If you hate people and find them irritating you should consider a different activity such as buoy maintenance, scatology, or looking for asteroids and comets from exotic desert areas.”

Another thought that’s been a part of my thoughts about blogs is the fact that they are many kinds of blogs that display huge differences in the level of sophistication and polish. Some are basic and some are even crude. Some are as unpretentious and casual as a casual chat with friends. Some are so polished that they could be a part from an Doctoral Thesis. The breadth of expertise in writing can be described as “huge” and when we talk about painting, it’s similar to some artists painting with numbers, and some great artists who create masterpieces.

The world of blogging is so accessible that we are able to share our space with outstanding professional journalists, writers and executive business people (and some amazing “ordinary” professional writers) and even a few barely-literate, often inept, untrained “non-writers” who are able, somehow to convey their thoughts in the written word , despite their lack of experience. The great thing about this mix of individuals with diverse backgrounds and levels of expertise is that there’s no problem in the way we do things. It is “all-good,” in the sense that blogging is an open-ended art, and regardless of the outcome there are readers of all levels, as well who are drawn to the type, subject matter and writing style they feel the most at ease with. This isindeed what we call the “Marketplace” as well as the preferences of “blog users” influence the market and the art.

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